Is there such a thing as a non surgical nose job?

While undergoing a nose job usually means a surgical procedure taking several hours, there are non-surgical ways of reshaping the nose. Non surgical nose jobs, also known as injection rhinoplasty or the '15 minute nose job,' uses an injectable filler to slightly change the shape of the nose.

During a non surgical nose job, small injections of a cosmetic filler are placed into locations around the nose precisely targeted to change the nose shape in the desired manner. This procedure uses a topical numbing cream, rather than the general anesthesia required for rhinoplasty surgery. It takes about fifteen minutes in the doctor's office, with no downtime or recovery period, although mild bruising or swelling can be expected.

Nonsurgical nose jobs have become a popular alternative to surgery for those wishing to correct mild or moderate imperfections in the shape of their nose without having to go under the knife. It is important to recognize that nonsurgical treatments are not able to produce the drastic results of a surgical nose job. They cannot shrink a large nose or make wide nostrils narrower, for example. Those who want to correct major deformities or who want to significantly reduce the size of their nose are not candidates for a non surgical nose job. For these patients, a traditional rhinoplasty is the better option.

Ideal candidates for non surgical nose jobs are looking for fast results from a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure. Injection rhinoplasty can make a nose look larger, straighter or more symmetrical or make the nose tip more defined. Many patients wish to diminish the appearance of bumps, dents, a droopy tip, or other imperfections on their nose. Nonsurgical nose jobs can also help those with a flat nose bridge, a common complaint of Asian and African American patients. Nonsurgical nose jobs are also a good solution for those who are considering undergoing rhinoplasty surgery, but want to “test out” the results before committing to the procedure.

This procedure is offered by dermatologists and facial plastic surgeons. The injectable fillers used for non surgical nose jobs are usually Radiesse or Sculptra. Both of these fillers are also used for other facial treatments. Both are FDA approved, and work by adding additional volume under the surface of the skin. The results of an injection nose job last about six months to year before the filler is absorbed by the body.



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